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Pumpkin Pudding Parfaits

Need an easy Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dessert? Look no further! You can easily whip up this pumpkin dessert a night or two before T-Day.

With store shelves running out of stock due to the holidays, I needed a Thanksgiving dessert that was flexible. Enter this recipe. This is the pumpkin pie / pecan pie hybrid that nobody asked for, but everyone wants. Here's a little bit more about the ingredients:

Pudding Mix: I chose the French Vanilla flavor of pudding mix because that's what I like, but this recipe would be equally good with Pumpkin Pie Spice or plain Vanilla.

Canned Pumpkin: I can see this pumpkin being swapped out with a butternut squash or sweet potato puree, though I have not formally tested this (will update if I do). Heck, go rogue and just layer applesauce, vanilla pudding, and Biscoff.

Spices: I'm a big cinnamon fan, but I get that some people would prefer pumpkin spice in their pumpkin dessert (it's in the name after all).

Non-dairy milk: I specify non-dairy milk here because it has a different relationship than cow milk to instant pudding mixes. If you want to use cow's milk, follow package instructions and combine with the rest of the pumpkin pudding ingredients. From the times that I have used instant pudding mix with a vast array of non-dairy milks, there is no change in procedures between the different types.

Biscoff cookies: Any cookie will do here. If you want a gluten free option, just leave it out or replace with gluten free cookies. It will be equally delicious.

Toasted pecans: I really recommend the extra step of toasting the pecans here! The pecans adds a complexity to this parfait that contrasts beautifully to the pumpkin and vanilla.

Pumpkin Pudding Parfait

- 2 3.4 oz boxes of instant French vanilla pudding

- 1 15 oz can of pumpkin

- 2 teaspoon cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spice)

- 2 cups unsweetened non-dairy milk, divided (I used soy milk)

- 15 Biscoff cookies

- 1/2 cup toasted pecans

  1. Prepare the pudding mix with non-dairy milk. Start by slowly whisking in your preferred plant based milk with your pudding mixes. The pudding should set relatively quickly. Use more non-dairy milk to adjust the consistency of the pudding, if desired.

  2. Add the rest of your pumpkin pudding ingredients. Add your canned pumpkin and preferred spices, mixing until thoroughly combined.

  3. Layer your ingredients. Break up your Biscoff cookies so that they will fit your serving dishe(s). Put a single layer of the cookies at the bottom of the dish. Add some pumpkin pudding. Repeat until each dish is filled. It was 3 layers each for me. Add toasted pecans on top just before serving to stay crunchy. Serves 5.

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