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Back Of The Fridge Recipes Ft. Carrots

Welcome to the first installment of "Back Of The Fridge Recipes"! This article features three staple-friendly ways to zhuzh up the last bit of carrots in the fridge before they go bad.

Carrots are an affordable ingredient that can last longer than typical produce in your fridge or pantry, especially when stored whole. Carrots last such a long time that it is so easy to forget about them!

So often, we think of carrots as just being a quick side or snack with celery and ranch. They can be so much more than that. The Grated Carrot Salad in this article goes great with a breakfast scramble on toast or hearty bean and lentil dishes that need some freshness and acidity. The Sweet Spicy Glazed carrot go great with anything you would serve with mashed potatoes tbh. And, last but not least, the Sautéed Carrots with Chunky Breadcrumbs goes well with anything you would serve with garlic bread (those breadcrumbs are basically garlic bread nuggets). I could see having a dinner party for two with Mushroom And Pea Alfredo Fettucine and having it with these Sautéed Carrots with Chunky Breadcrumbs on the side.

These recipes feature two whole carrots as the base, but baby carrots can work just as well. If you are using baby carrots, eight baby carrots are equal to two medium-sized carrots. All three of these recipes can easily be halved to use up your last carrot or doubled or tripled to serve a crowd.

What are your favorite ways to eat carrots?

4-Ingredient Grated Carrot Salad

- 2 medium carrots, grated

- salt, to taste

- 1/2 lemon, juiced

- 3 tablespoons olive oil

- optional: fresh herbs that are on their last legs or carrot tops, chopped

Directions: Combine grated carrots and salt, mixing thoroughly. Add the rest of your ingredients to the salted carrots, mixing again thoroughly. Serve immediately or serve chilled.

Sweet Spicy (Microwaved) Glazed Carrots

- 2 whole medium carrots

- 1 tablespoon neutral oil

- salt and pepper, to taste

- 1 tablespoon brown sugar

- a dash of cinnamon

- a dash of cayenne

Directions: Cut carrots into similar sizes, about inch thick and halved. Toss carrots in a shallow bowl with oil, salt, and pepper. Steam in microwave for three minutes, covered with a plate. Once heated, stir through brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne. Add back to the microwave for a minute to a minute and a half. Stir through again to make sure everything is incorporated. Serve warm.

Sautéed Carrots with Chunky Herby Breadcrumbs

- half a piece of your favorite sandwich bread (if you're worried about the other half, it's a free snack)

- 1 tablespoon your favorite butter or oil

- salt and pepper, to taste

- a dash of your favorite dried herb (any herb would work here but dill is used here because it is criminally underrated)

- a dash of garlic powder

- 2 whole medium carrots

Directions: Pinch off sizeable chunks of your bread. Heat up a small pan with half your butter or oil. Add your bread pieces to the pan once heated, along with your herb of choice, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste. Once crispy, set on a plate to the side.

Cut your carrots into inch-long pieces, with a roll cut or not. Cut pieces in half if they get a lot bigger than your smallest pieces. Add to pan with the rest of your butter and salt. Heat until cooked through ( about 8-10 min), tossing occasionally. Check doneness by piercing with fork or knife. Add carrots to serving plate. Add chunky breadcrumbs on top. Serve warm.

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Nov 16, 2022

Tried the recipe today and its amazing! I love your blog and cant wait for more!!

Jolanta Nowobilski
Jolanta Nowobilski
Nov 16, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much! I'm excited for these upcoming projects :)

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