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New Series Announcement: Back Of The Fridge Recipes

Lately, I have been running into the same problem over and over with my fridge....I forget about the veg at the back of my fridge that I promised I would make something delicious. What a sad destiny!

In order to change course for my produce, I am inspired to start a series dedicated to the last of these fruits or veg. These recipes will be minimal prep and only need to use one or two of that forgotten ingredient so we can minimize food waste in our homes and put some money back in our pockets.

Speaking of putting money back in our pockets, using a main fruit or vegetable throughout the week in different ways is a great way to add variety to your weekly meal prep without breaking the bank. These micro-recipes are great if you are looking for variety throughout your week but are cooking for one or two. These recipes will also focus on using pantry and fridge staples to uplift these ingredients so that we don't have to buy any extra ingredients that we also forget about.

While the intention here is to reduce food waste, these are also great recipes to get curious about different fruits and vegetables. Since these micro-recipes only require a small amount of an ingredient, it can be a low-risk entry point to trying something new and delicious.

My first post in this series is tomorrow, featuring carrots. See you there!

What are some fruits and vegetables that you often forget about?

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