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Fun, Inexpensive Food-Related Date Ideas To Try

Dinner dates are a great way to relax, have fun, and have a night away from dishes, but can add up in expenses. Here are three ideas to try that are just as fun whether you are doing them with your partner or with a group of friends.

Around the World with Movies and Snacks

Travel the world without ever leaving home! Each partner takes turns choosing a country and picking a movie and snack based on that country. This is a fun way to try new products or quick and simple recipes from different cultures. If you don't use a streaming service already, you can use Kanopy where you get access to films for free through your local library. You could also switch it up and learn a dance from your chosen culture instead of watching a movie, using dance classes on Youtube to fuel the fun.

Farmers Market Challenge

The farmers market is always a great place to get food inspiration. Why not kick it up a notch by adding a challenge between you and your partner(s)? Each partner picks up something that they have never cooked before, brings it home, and makes it for each other. The great thing about this challenge is that it can be as easy or as involved of a dish as either party likes. Even a simple preparation can help with understanding an ingredient. Already think you know everything about your farmer's market? Have each partner choose three ingredients within a certain budget for the other partner to make a complete dish.

Volunteer At a Local Community Garden

Getting involved with your community is always fun, but it's even better with your plus one. Check out your local community garden to see what the season has to offer and get down and dirty. Gardening may seem intense to the inexperienced, but there is typically at least one master gardener to show the way. If you or your partner have been thinking about starting a garden, having a date here can show you what gardening is really all about.

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