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Why This Nutritionist Always Keeps Cookie Dough In The Freezer

Chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack
Chocolate chunk cookies on a wire cooling rack

This all started during my freshman year of undergrad, when I knew the best way to make friends as a shy person was to offer food. I found out you made friends even faster if that food was a dessert like chocolate chip cookies.

I wanted to make sure that I always had some type of dessert on hand in case of a last-minute group study session or draining late night group project. So, I always had a batch of cookies ready to bake off, waiting in my freezer. It was an effective system!

Though the intention was to save it for friends, I didn't just save it for them. When I was in the mood for a cookie or two, I would just pop them in my toaster oven for 11-12 minutes et voila! I would have warm, gooey cookies fresh out of the oven whenever I pleased. Then, I would carry on with my day. Believe it or not, most days, I don't even have a thought about the cookie dough in my freezer.

Some of you might be thinking, " I can't keep that in my house, I'll keep thinking about it and eat it all! " Let me offer a different perspective:

When I feel like going for a run, I know that I have my running shoes by the back door. I can choose any pair of shoes that I own to go for a run, but these shoes are the best for the purpose of running and satisfying my need for movement. I do plenty of other forms of movement to bring me joy, so I do not feel trapped in feeling that I need to run.

After a lot of fun runs, these shoes eventually wear and tear. At that point, I just remind myself to buy new shoes, get them, then continue with running when it feels right for me. How often do you think about your running shoes when you are not running?

The point is that if you feel that you have your needs met, you won't be obsessing over what you do not have.

Though this post is talking about cookies, it's not just about cookies, or even just desserts. It's about letting all types of foods fit into your lifestyle.

It is important to balance your physical and mental health. Promoting mindfulness when eating can help with balancing both aspects of health in your relationship with food. When you eat mindfully, you can understand how food affects how your body feels. Nutrition is not about restriction and the ways you can shrink yourself. Nutrition is about nourishing yourself to live life to the fullest.

Food freedom is a novel concept for a lot of people. If I'm being honest, I didn't learn about real food freedom until I started studying nutrition in my undergrad. It took me an adjustment period of a few years to get used to real food freedom, not just with cookies, but with all foods. Also, it is something that I am continuously working on. It is well worth the journey!

Disclaimer: This post is intended for education and entertainment purposes only. Consult your health care provider to address your unique needs.


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