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My "Perfect Formula" For A Grain Bowl

Grain bowls are my favorite type of meal to make for the week because it is so customizable. Through much trial and error, I have found my ideal ratio of ingredients in my grain bowls. Having this ratio gives me more mental energy for other things that need my attention. This article is not to persuade you to change something you may already enjoy, but to give inspiration if you find your bowls lackluster.

Protein Component

Meat and seafood are popular choices, but plant-based proteins like tofu, tempeh, beans, and lentils are also great options.

No matter where you are getting your protein from, season it up! If I'm prepping for the week, I like to split my protein into two flavor profiles (i.e. use two different seasonings/marinades) to add variety in my week.

Grain Component

Hear me out, but it doesn't have to just be grains. Starches like grains, potatoes, plantains, etc. help provide heartiness to a meal as well as a variety of nutrients.

I like to prepare one or two starchy sides for a week's grain bowl. This gives me the variety I am looking for while keeping my meal budget low. My favorite way to introduce new grains is by adding them to my grain bowls!

Fruit/Vegetable Component

The world is your oyster here. Find your favorite way to prep your vegetables. Most times I make a grain bowl, I usually steam or roast my veg. If I can find some good avocados, I love adding slices on top. I love a good sweet/savory mash-up by adding some fruit.

Last but not least...the Sauce!

The sauce can be anything you want but my favorite go-to sauce is a tahini sauce. Store-bought sauces or salad dressings also work great here. Whatever sauce you like to dip your carrots in will probably be a good idea for a grain bowl.

The Magic Ratio

The magic ratio is that there is none! I don't keep strict portions because my body needs change every day. However, I know that if I have these four components prepped for the week, I know I am setting myself up for success. Knowing that my body's needs can change each day means that I can honor my hunger at each meal.

Some Ideas...

- roasted broccoli + quinoa + chickpeas + honey mustard dressing

- roasted cauliflower and carrot (ras el hanout) + sauteed chickpeas (shawarma spice mix) + couscous + tahini sauce

- black beans + sweet potato + cabbage slaw + rice

- shredded bbq chicken + sauteed greens + farro + tahini sauce

What are your favorite grain bowl ideas? Let me know in the comments!


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